Friday, March 27, 2015

Night for the Bride

Maggie and I went to a Mary Kay party the other night for one of our long time friends. Our friend, Steph, is getting married in June and won a Mary Kay party for her and her bridesmaids. We had a blast. Besides spending time together, we were able to sample products from the line. It gave Steph a great chance to test out a natural look for the wedding along with us all learning some new tips. I came to the party with the intent to buy. After trying different items and learning how to apply certain products, we each had a little meeting with the representative. Maggie and I decided to buy the day/night serum set along with the highlighting pen. I desperately needed the pen. Steph had a chance to buy some things as well and is looking forward to trying everything before the big day. How exciting for her!

I am considering joining one of the cosmetic companies. I use to be a part of Avon a year ago but never really did too well with it. I haven't since looked into it but the representative thinks I would do well in the company. I am worried about the start up cost but maybe it will be worth it. The representative is going to call me this morning around 10am to talk about it. I would like to make some extra cash and I enjoy beauty products. I don't know. Maybe this call in the morning will help me make my decision.

After the get together, Steph, Maggie, and I decided to get some food and a drink. The place we went to was deserted. Besides the three of us, there was an elderly gentleman and two women. That's it. Besides the tater tots and mozz sticks, we had the bartender try a few drinks out on Maggie since she's never really tried too many things other than a malt beer.

It felt great to finally do something. After coming home, I went straight to bed. We are planning on getting together again soon.