Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chunky Monkey and The Little Mermaid

It's past 2am again and I'm making a frozen pasta meal for Mom. I'm wiped out from working. When I got home (in which was past 11:30 pm since I closed once again), I curled up in my blanket and watched Hot in Cleveland. I have nothing against the show but it was merely on because I was too lazy to change it. I did have a chance to munch on some snacks that I bought at work, like Chunky Monkey ice cream, Chobani yogurt, and Mountain Dew (my vice).

I somehow managed to be scheduled off for Wednesday and Thursday. I'm excited that I will be able to wear my new clothes; an outfit without a certain color that normally dominates my wardrobe due to my uniforms. I finally get to wear my dress!

That is the link to my dress. It says that it is not sold in stores but I was lucky enough to find it at mine since it's a test store. I just bought a pair of white flip flops to go with it.

My sister and I made a large purchase off of ebay yesterday. We bought six Disney DVDs for $66. Pretty cool, huh? We were able to pick the six that we are getting. We picked: The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Aladdin, Peter Pan, The Lion King, and Aristocats. I'm praying that they'll be here on Friday or Saturday. I'm also bidding on a board game, Aggravation, that I use to love as a kid. Now, I just have to hope that some Jane Doe doesn't scoop it up. It's pretty pathetic that this is what excitement consists of in my life.

I'm thinking of putting some detailed work into a writing project that I started over a year ago. I still have the same ideas, characters, and details in my binder. I miss writing. More importantly, I miss accomplishing creative projects, like the plays in college or writing consistently for my creative writing class. Even though I only work 8 hours a day, the energy that lives in my muscles and spirit is zapped after the 100th transaction of the day.

Speaking of work, I'm had less jerks lately. I'm becoming better friends with some of the other team members. Although there's still one woman who is annoyingly rude. There is always an awkward silence between us when we are working alone at night. I still have the guests who cut me off and are ignorant to the fact that I deserve respect as a human being. I swear, I will soon be entered into the contest of "Who Can Speak the Most in One Breath" because I try to talk about all of the information before they can cut me off. I realize this isn't a very good strategy for getting people to sign up for cards but I'm working on it.

Well, boys and girls, I better get off. My food is probably long cold and I should make myself head to bed. But why do that when all of the good TV shows are on in the middle of the night?