Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Would you like..." "No, I don't want that crap"

"...a million dollars? Oh, sorry, I can only ask once. Better luck next time." See what listening and not being a jerk could do?

Friday was probably one of the longest days of work that I have dealt with in such a long time. As of late, more guests are feeling comfortable upping their rudeness. I get it. You don't want one of our loyalty cards. Regardless, I have to ask if you want to sign up. It's my JOB. It won't kill you to listen to "Would you like to sign up and receive 5% off today?" and reply nicely. There's no need for you to interrupt me or get an attitude as if how dare I ask such a question from you. When people behave like this, it only reinforces that children with autism, brain injuries, and mental health disorders are usually more polite than these adults. And that I have more patience with special needs children. Our lanes are full of these type of "guests" (or pests, more like it) on Fridays through Sundays.

Now, with little time for sleep, I have to try to rest for another day of work. I go in at 8am but cannot manage to find a ride.  My family and I use to live less than 2 miles away from my work center but since the place is having to remodel, we are at a hotel more than 4.5 miles away. And I do not own a car. My boyfriend normally takes me to/from work when all other options fail but he's managed to fall asleep mid-conversation with me. Bless his heart. I pray he can take me before he has church.

I hate having to rely on others. Whether it's my boyfriend, co-workers, society, or anyone else. I'm trying to find my family a place to live that is closer to work as well as try to find a car for sale around $1,000. I understand that I am an adult but I'm exhausted with the responsibilities of helping care for a family. Note to self: never get married. Or have kids. Maybe I'll live vicariously through my sister and friends and become the yuppie aunt who has ten cats and drinks way too much.

Until my mood improves, signing off.