Monday, May 13, 2013

How to Spell Canteloupe and Other Nonsensical Adventures

So, towards the end of an eight hour shift, I nearly fall asleep while at the register. Half of the store was  busy while my side, "Blue World" remained slow throughout the day and made the day drag on at times. My boyfriend took me to work but I had to leave the hotel over an hour before my scheduled start time. To waste some time, I went to the gas station and messed around on the Redbox. Turns out that they were selling Brave for $5! I've wanted the movie for a while and if I would have bought it at work, it easily would have cost over $20. Score!

After work, I bought Mom a Yankee candle and two cards, one from the cat and one from myself. Since being off, I've resolved to not accomplishing anything until now. The only reason I'm writing this is because I'm making my Healthy Choice meal in the lobby and don't want to pace between the ice machine and the outside door.

While on my break today, I splurged on myself. The store has carried an adorable hi-lo dress that's cantaloupe on the top, coral on the bottom, but is had never been in my size. Well, the shopping gods stocked the women's department and the dress came in my size! I scooped it up along with a heather gray cardigan and a deep purple maxi skirt. What a great way to kick off the nice weather we had today!